How to Save Money on Your Netflix Subscription with Buybylist

Our idea…simple!  We give you the chance to get cheaper your active Netflix subscription. How? Using our Buybylist system!

Here’s the way to go.
Everyone of us has a Netflix subscription monthly to pay. Right?

Buybylist is for people who love to:

• save money • earn money  • invest money • get rewarded for patience •

If this sounds like you, this is the correct website for you!!!

  1. Netflix subscription costs in the UK

    BASIC £5.99
    STANDARD £7.99
    PREMIUM £9.99

  2.   Annually paid in the UK is:

           BASIC £5.99 for 12 Months is £71.88
           STANDARD £7.99 for 12 months is £95.88
           PREMIUM £9.99 for 12 months is £119.88

So no more chatting how can I get it cheaper ?

Easy Step Example:

With us, you buy a Netflix Gift Card at 50% OFF and add it into your Netflix Wallet (how to add it to your Netflix account here).

So Choose one of Netflix Card Down Here:

Where is the catch? 

  • There is no catch!
  • As an active Netflix user, you will pay your monthly bill.
  • Once you have reached the top of the list, you will receive your purchased Gift Card.
  • Now you start to pay your Netflix bill from your Wallet, but you have available double amount of money to consume.

Why do we Say invest money?

  • Buybylist website works with reserved order.
  • Each order (means wherever will be purchased on our website) helps the next order.
  • Yes!!! Help each order is the way how it works.
  • Investing in buying Netflix gift card provided by us means: you are paying your monthly bill regularly, but once you receive your purchased card (feasible within 1 month), from that time on you will start to SAVE your Money!!!


If you are used to paying:

STANDARD £7.99 for 12 months is £95.88

with Netflix at 50% off received you have PAID £50 for Netflix Card

for receive £100 Netflix Card.


STANDARD £7.99 for 12 months is £95.88

BUYBYLIST  STANDARD £7.99 for 12 months is £50.00

SAVE:  £45.88


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“Saving requires us to not get things now so that we can get bigger ones later.” — Cit. Jean Chatzky

The need for instant gratification is real and it gets a lot of people in hot water. People with spending problems unknowingly rob themselves of the opportunity to acquire better things in the future. Think about it. You can’t buy a home without a down payment, and you can’t save a down payment unless you’re willing to curb your spending and make sacrifices. So whenever you feel the urge to spend, think about your future plans and decide whether the purchase is worth delaying your goal.