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Do you know that there is an easier way to shop for your hi-tech products?BuyBylist is the new way to “Buy and Share” an item with your friends.

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Once you have found your perfect product, you can reserve it by making a safe payment using PayPal and more.




After successfully reserving a product, you automatically become the last one on the list




If you want to climb faster just invite someone to register on the platform, either a friend or colleague using your referral link. The product he/she will be reserving should be of the same value as yours or higher.




For each person that reserves a product using your referral link you will earn up to 10% in ‘BBL coin’ of their purchase for complete your reservation , and a 10% FOREVER




As a newly arrived order, your pre-order is helping the first one on the list to reach the quota to process their order.





This is great news because the first person on the list can finally receive their product.





The waiting time for each reservation depends on the stream of people who will reserve a product; this is why you need to invite more people to buy using your referral link. Anything they buy on the website will help your reservation to climb up faster.



In other words, a user can wait and still climb without the need to invite friends.


Our BBL system works the same way for everyone and gives them the opportunity to climb upward faster. Once you are at the top of the list your order will be processed and shipped by secure Free shipping.

Buy and Share a product with your friends!!!

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